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  Last strip: #168 (Monday May 21, 2007)
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The Botmaker  


Main characters

David Gow
The main character of the comic strip. He makes robots as a hobby, and has a complete set of bots at home. He dated Laura for a few years, until their relationship finally ended in 2003, for reasons unknown. Since then, he's been overworking and generally in dire need of something to keep his mind occuppied.
Laura Iven
David's girlfriend for some years, she demonstrated every single day that patience is one of the greatest virtues one can have. Up until 2003, when they finally parted ways for reasons unknown. She works with Jonathan and Chloe.

The bots

The Speakbot
David's master-piece, it's the only bot able to speak he's made. Its ability with words is only matched by its ambition. A few years ago, he joined the rogue backup room crew at David's work where he plays the part of public relations, despite David's prohibition to hang around at his work.
The Hugbot
David made this bot to cheer people up with a big hug. It tends to run amok and cause havoc in uncontrolable hugging sprees, due to the lack of a remote to switch it off once it's been switched on. It's particularly fond of Ax0.
The Trainbot
The trainbot was born as a result of David's intention to get in better shape, since he didn't want to go to a gym. So he made the Trainbot to help him by attacking him when he least expected, thus making him develop better reflexes. As most of David's bots, it usually runs amok.

David's work

Judy Huckster
Working on the same place as David and George, this no-nonsense girl is an accountant in the sales department. Back in 2002 George asked her out and, much to everyone's surprise, she agreed. It seemed at first their relationship would be a fickle one, but so far it's endured the test of time.
George Moberly
A co-worker of David, George is not what you could call a very forward personality. Much to everyone's surprise he managed to date Judy back in 2002, and they're still going strong. Although not as far-fledged as David, George does have a habit of letting his imagination blur his view on reality.
Rebecca Gale
She's half of the backup team at the office. Due to company policy, they haven't been able to buy any backup drives. So they're running an underground backup scheme, selling the pirate backup files to employees all over the company whenever the system goes down. Rebecca's a hardcore Mac user and not on the best of terms with her social life.
Kaolin Callaghan
Kaolin's the other half of the pirate backup team. He's the cynical of the two, and even though he usually sports a sarcastic outake to life, he really worries about Rebecca's wellbeing. He even managed once to drag Rebecca into a night at a local goth club.
Orson Barrett
Mr. Barrett is the boss at David's department. He's perhaps not the best boss one could hope for, because he tends to act before thinking, and then not take responsability for his actions.
Chester Basset
Chester is possibly the most hated person in the whole company. He's an accomplished brown-noser, and as thus he's usually found following Mr. Barrett.
Charles Thistlethwaite
Despite being a bit clueless at social interaction, Charles is not what you'd call a shy person. He usually speaks his mind, and so has no problem saying exactly what he thinks. This has not been a bless for him at work.
Peter Lang
Peter is a good friend of Charles and, having a short temper, he often gets quite angry at Chester's antics.

Laura's work

Jonathan Serian (S.R.)
An internet friend of David, he came one day to visit and liked the city so much he never left. Laura and him are not on the most amicable of terms, a situation made worse by the fact they both work at the same place.
Chloe Arbuthnot
A co-worker of Laura, she keeps on getting involved in her troubles with Jonathan.

David's friends

Axel (Ax0)
A friend of David and Laura, Axel once made the terrible mistake of turning the Hugbot on. Since that day it's been his personal nemesis. He frequently goes online, where he goes by the nickname Ax0. A lot of his friends call him Ax0 actually, including David, even though he knows him from the real world.
Emily Adams (Elorg)
The definitive geek friend, Emily is constantly getting new and better equipment for her computer. Specially new and bigger screens. David met her through internet, where her screen name is Elorg, and a while later they met face to face. That was years ago, and they've been friends ever since.

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